corporategraphic identity


studioarnola logo is the core distinguishing element of studioarnola company. It consists of an abstract symbol, logotype and a slogan and is the basic carrier of graphic identity, from which the whole graphic identity is derived.

The Mark is a precise composition, constructional base is the height of abstract symbol a which is also the height of the mark.

The mark functions best in an empty space, therefore enough space should be kept around the logo. Minimum clear space is defined with half an abstract symbol height a/2.

The mark should in princible be applied with slogan. Exceptionally the mark is used without slogan if the height of reproduced mark is less than 10 mm.

Minimum allowed size of the mark with slogan is 10 mm, minimum allowed size of the mark without slogan is 5 mm.

Primary color scheme is based on blue gray color combination. Within corporate identity other color combinations are not allowed.

In printed media where printing in assigned PANTONE color isn't possible, the mark is printed in assigned CMYK colors.

RGB colors are used when reproducing the mark in digital media.

Pantone CMYK RGB
blue 292 C C58 M16 Y1 K0 R113 G179 B225
gray 7544 C C47 M33 Y28 K16 R135 G145 B154

In principle the mark is not used on photographies as colorful background reduces visibility and readability of the mark. Exceptionally the mark can be used on photographies insofar as photographies contain fairly neutral areas, in which the mark's clear space won't be disturbed by other graphic elements.

White or black banner in minimum size of defined clear space should be used on multicolor backgrounds and photographies.

The mark can be resized freely to minimum allowed size according to the mark's proportions. The mark must be used according to Corporate graphic identity manual.

Some examples of unauthorized use of the mark is shown below.


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