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Questions and answers

On this page we gathered answers to some questions you might not want to ask out loud, so you wouldn't sound unlearned of visual communications theme.

  • What is a logo / logotype?
  • What is a corporate graphic identity?
  • Why does a flyer look dull on my display?
  • What is a vector graphic format?
  • In what form will you deliver my logo or corporate identity?
  • What is a corporate identity manual?
  • Do you print?
  • How much are your services going to cost me?
  • Do I even need a website?
  • Can you add a photography of a red fox and a map of European Union to my logo?
Logotype or logo is a graphic element, which identifies a product, a company, an organization, a brand, an event, a person or some other entity. Logotype is a wordmark made of letters while logo can be a wordmark, a graphic symbol or most commonly a combination of both. The purpose of both is easier and better recognition of a product, a company, a brand or some other entity within a target group.

Logotype or logo is an essential component of corporate graphic identity.
Corporate graphic identity is a visual image of an entity which serves to uniquely visually identify. Is a key element of recognition and attracts potential customers.

Corporate graphic identity must be designed as flexible as possible, while expressing vision and mission of an entity at the same time. Quality designed corporate identity is an added value of an entity.
Flyer is designed and saved in a CMYK color model. This model consists of cyan, magenta, yellow and black color. CMYK color model is most commonly used in printing. CMYK is a subtractive color model because the color gets darker with mixing of colors.

Your display (TV, monitor, smartphone, tablet etc.) uses RGB color model to display images. This color model consists of red, green and blue color and is commonly used in all digital displays. RGB is an additive color model in which every color is presented as a sum of red (R), green (G) and blue (B) color or light. With mixing of these three colors the color gets lighter.

The two color models are very different which reflects in less saturated and duller colors within CMYK color model, while some colors cannot even be reproduced. Certain colors are sensitive, especially vivid orange and green tones, therefore print-ready flyer on your display appears dull.
Vector images are defined with curves or arithmetical operations, therefore the image is "immune" to deformations and doesn't lose quality when resized, unlike raster images which are defined by position and color of dots - pixels.

Raster image or bitmap is a rectangular grid of specific number of pixels. When enlarged, individual pixels appear as larger squares and image becomes "pixelated".
With the exception of websites we design all visual communications as vector graphics. You get them delivered by e-mail in PDF format, if agreed otherwise we can also save and send them in in other popular file types and different sizes:
- logotypes or logos as raster images in PNG, JPG, GIF etc. in any dimensions;
- letterheads in ready-to-use MS Word files DOC or DOCX;
- e-mail signature in HTML.

Websites are delivered in ZIP archive, ready to install on the server. We can install them for you if desired.

Printed issue of corporate identity manual is delivered in physical form via mail as well as any other stationery and printed material, e.g. business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, posters, banners etc.
Corporate identity manual is a booklet of instructions on corporate identity use. It defines terms of graphic identity use.

You can find and view an example of corporate identity manual here (in Slovenian language).
We don't do printing and other physical reproduction of designed materials (yet), but we cooperate with some verified service providers.

Aside visual communications design you can order printing, cutting and other desired services and we will take care of quality products from our verified subcontractors.
Price of our services depends largely on your requirements and desires, therefore this question has no definite answer. Trust us with your wishes and we will prepare a proposal for you, or you can choose from our selection of packages, which you can find here.
World wide web is the most widespread marketing channel in the world. You will build your recognition and increase your sales with online presence, as well as find new opportunities, new business partners and expand your business. Today there is no serious company on the market which is not aware of importance of online business.

Phrase »if your business is not on the internet, it doesn't exist« is worn out, but still sticks.